Driving Outside of the U.S.A?

With the price of plane tickets only rising each and every day, its not uncommon for families to pack everyone up and to hit the road for vacations.  The one question you’ll want to ask yourself before you drive over the boarder into Canada or Mexico is whether or not you have proper insurance coverage. To answer these any other questions we sat down with Nick, owner of BaltimorecarInsurance.org which offers car insurance quotes to people of Baltimore.

Why be concerned with your auto insurance coverage?  Nothing is more scary then getting into an accident — well maybe only if it happens when your outside of the country!  Do you know if your insurance company covers your vehicle if you cross the border?  Now would be a great opportunity to call up your insurance agent and double check.  Not every policy will allow you to drive over the border and receive the same amount of security that we all enjoy and rely on in our daily driving routine.  This is the first step when planning any driving trip outside of the United States.

Insurance Isn’t Required Everywhere! Every state within the U.S. requires some form of auto insurance in order to legally drive a car.  This isn’t always the case when you go outside of the U.S.  This can be especially true as you venture deep into Mexico.  So while your first concern about coverage is making sure you can get covered if you crash into someone else — but what if someone crashes into you or causes you or your family bodily hard?  Will your insurance cover that? The last situation you want to be in is where you are hurt or your car in inn-operable and your insurance agency will not cover you because your outside the country.

Different Driving Laws & Rules. Just because you know how to drive around at “home” doesn’t mean you know how to drive in other countries.  According to Road Safety Overseas website (http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/safety/safety_1179.html) over one million people are killed in road accidents EACH YEAR.  It’s extremely important to read up on the laws and driving regulations for every state and country you plan on driving to / through.

Finally – Some General Tips To Maximize Your Road Trip Fun.
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